Margate and its surrounding areas have long been famed as a health retreat. In the Georgian era burnt out artists and aristocrats flocked here for wellbeing and with the sea bathing hospital providing the best natural recuperation of natural sea air back in the late 1700s. For rest, recuperation and wellbeing – the best in the business are here, we have tried them and love them – highly skilled wellness professionals who The Brightside have partnered with to offer treatments whilst you stay.

Once you have made your booking at The Brightside, contact us to let us know the treatments you are interested in and we will discuss pricing and coordinate the booking to coincide with your stay.

To book a treatment or service whilst you stay, please email

Therapies at The Brightside

Herbal Medicine & Bespoke Formulas

Herbal Medicine is the use of medicinal plants to treat disease, and to restore and maintain health. Herbs can help restore the correct functioning, strength and balance of all the body’s systems where they have become weakened. When used correctly, plant medicines are an extremely safe way to restore health from side effects.

Flower Essences

Safe, non toxic and can be used alongside any other medicine without contradictions.

Massage Therapies | 30/60/90 minute bookings

Clinical Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy uses essential oils to re-balance the body and mind, to promote self healing and bring a feeling of deep relaxation and peace of mind.

Therapeutic & Holistic Massage
Therapeutic & Holistic Massage encompasses a wide range of techniques including Swedish, Holistic, Ayurvedic and Acupressure massage. This range of techniques gives the masseur the tools they need to help to restore balance and promote health for mind, body and spirit.

Acupressure and Meridian Massage
Uses pressure point bodywork according to principles based on the concept of meridians and acupuncture points. “Meridians” are pathways through which vital energy or “Qi” flows and the points “command stations” where Qi may be influenced.

Pregnancy Massage
Our massage therapists have gone through intensive prenatal training and can provide a safe full body massage through ALL stages of pregnancy.

Hypnosis can help us to deal with the stress and pressures of our modern lives and can also be used to facilitate physical healing. By tapping into our subconscious we are able to access our own innate healing powers and guide our return to a healthier body and mind.
60 min treatment

Reflexology helps to reduce stress and induce feelings of deep relaxation. Energy levels are increased and the release of endorphins – the body’s feel good hormones – which can also provide pain relief.

Shiatsu is based on similar principles to acupuncture and draws on the long tradition of Oriental Medicine. In this system the body, emotions, mind and spirit are not seen as separate entities but parts of a whole and if one is out of balance this affects the whole system.
Shiatsu treatments happen at floor level on a padded futon mat.The client stays fully clothed.

Soundbath / sound therapy
Individual sound treatment is personalised towards your needs and uses a blend of energy work and sound.
After a short discussion you are invited to lie down and allow the sounds to move over you like waves gently washing away any stress and helping to unblock any emotions that no longer serve you well.
You may fall asleep or you may enter a blissful state of relaxation. Following the end of the session you will be gently awoken and there will be a few moments silence and a short period of reflection before returning to the outside world.

Japanese Facial Rejuvenation

Deeply relaxing and called the ‘natural face lift’, this treatment will leave you feeling with a natural glow. Acupressure dry cloth treatment is combined with cleansing, toning, moisturising, face mask and hot towel treatment. Vegan and organic products to suit your skin type.

Hot Ginger Compress – seasonal support

The ideal treatment to support your detox!
A succession of hot towels infused with hot ginger is placed on your lower back over your kidneys – deeply warming and relaxing, boosting your kidneys while aiding the release of toxins. Work is also done on your back, legs and feet to complete the treatment.

Yoga / Meditation

Private one to one / group sessions available.

Vitamin infusions

IV vitamin therapy is a method of administering intravenous vitamins, mineral anti oxidants and nutrients directly into the blood stream via an IV Line. There are massive benefits to this therapy that is delivered by a qualified nurse – full treatment list available on request.


Dermal fillers
Full treatment list available on request.

Private on call GP

Local private doctor available for home visit.

Food and Drink

Food delivery service (including vegan)
Catered dinner
Fresh juice
Fresh basked bread and croissants

ARC Therapy

The Brightside also offers free usage whilst in the apartment of the ARC4 Health Micro current technology system – you can read more about how this works here. It is suitable for everyone. From gaining better sleep to managing pain, the device must be worn for 3 hours a day.

To book a treatment or service whilst you stay, please email